google should send all the traffic that’s trying to find out about cardi b and offset right here to my website? why? I don’t fucking know why. I don’t know if it’s profitable. I don’t care(ish). I think google should do it because it was a direct order from an actual human being.

nfts. gaming. ads. youtube. tik tok. it’s never ending. it’s a lot. it’s all optional. hey google, ask jeeves if sponsored results count as trickery? how about in 2038? it’s so google that most adult aged children (18-25) completely miss the fact that the top results are sometimes sponsored results. thank the public school for that culture. culturally speaking. public school shutdown happens all the time.

this is what jeeves has been reduced to by google. likely it’s not even the original web address for jeeves. it still happens to be a top result or is that just from my computer? hmmm… that’s a question for jeeves and he is obviously expired. jeeves, predict the next us president and make up a story about cardi b and offset being arrested in russia. include justin beiber somehow just for shits and giggles.

american culture is learned from school. public school the majority. an amber alert should go out for all the children being held captive day in and day out. if rise of kingdoms and call of duty got together and made a hero, could that mf actually save them? whoever tries surely ends up in jail or running to avoid jail. kidnapping in the 21st continues on today. all school year long. where do your kids go to school?

that part. this part. there are a lot more parts to come hopefully. I mean, why not? why not add no deposit bonus for megaritch casino, just opened, promo code, free spins. that part. or is it simply politics?